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Wise Counsel

What I do

Let's talk about what I mean by "Wise Counsel."  


Through my experience, and through training with my Teachers,  I have received solid  experiential and instructive teaching in the development of my Intuitive Abilities.  These skills are a strong base in all of my work.  I Hear, See, Feel, Know, and Gather information from Spiritual Realms. 


This information guides me in providing services that fit you as an individual, or services that fit aspects of yourself that you are unaware of.   I call the sharing of this information Wise Counsel.

I provide this in the form of Readings, and I also sit, and drink tea and talk about spiritual development with clients.  I integrate spiritual exercises & teachings into healing sessions when appropriate.   These skills are integral to my Shamanic work, and in the work that I do from an Indigenous perspective as well.   I give homework.  ;)  These are all forms of Wise Counsel. 


I do remember communicating with the natural world as a child.  I remember being extremely sensitive, and empathic to the pain of other children, and I still am deeply empathic.  I did not know that these abilities were natural gifts, or helpful.  I (like many others) was not taught how to manage them or use them in a constructive and healthy way.  I have those Teachings now.


In the last few years I have developed an ability to connect with loved ones that have passed, so I am able to do Readings where Mediumship is the skill that I use.  My Readings are deep, healing and provide information needed to move forward on your path.

So, when asking for a session of Wise Counsel, you may experience some, or all of these aspects.  If you are looking for specific skills, I will do my best to provide the kind of session that you would like.  However,  the Great Spirit ultimately decides what information I provide.  I have the skill to tap into Spirit, and will do that information is given, well, is ultimately up to the highest and best Helpers that we have.  

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