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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What I do

I use Hynpotherapy to help my clients access the power of their subconscious mind.  This is the most powerful tool that you will ever use to heal yourself, or change your life....your own mind.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is used regularly to reduce the symptoms and discomfort of dis-ease and pain.  It does this by tapping into that immense resource that you carry with you... always.  Your mind.  There is a huge amount of clinical research available to support my comments.  I invite you to do some research of your own... you will be amazed at what you find.  

Chronic pain, Anxiety Disorder, Clinical Depression...IBS...

The discomfort that we experience today can be positively influenced by hypnosis.  In our current medical paradigm we often neglect the subconscious factors that are related to our body's condition.  Hypnosis is a tool that allows us to explore our subconscious understanding of what is happening to us, and to alter that understanding.  Creating new conditions that are more conducive to healing.  Mindful patterns that will help our body heal, and maintain a healthy balance.  

Hypnosis enhances and harnesses the amazing gifts that you already have, and creates positive and lasting change.


Sports professionals, successful business people, dynamic life coaches...  spiritually inspired leaders...  they understand the importance of healthy thought patterns, creating goals, using their imagination to see those goals accomplished.  And all behavior follows our deepest held beliefs.  All of these people know and understand the power of the mind.  


And it is here that most people ask...

Can this be used to control me?   


Only if you agree to being controlled.   And personally?  I am not interested in controlling you.  I am only interested in helping you tap into the very best power of your own mind. 


Your subconscious mind will never allow me to influence you in a negative way.  Any suggestion that goes against your core beliefs is automatically rejected. 

So, do beliefs matter?  Yes they do.  They guide us in relationships, in decisions about business, in everything we do.  

This is part of the work we do together...strengthening the beliefs that work well for you, and releasing the ones that do not.  

Hypnosis can be used for emotional and spiritual support as well. Past Life Healing…Emotional Release, Connection with Guides or Helpers, Deep Relaxation Techniques, and Revitalization or Renewal of Energy.  I have used these gentle techniques to help people in Hospice care, in groups in my Healing Space, in community groups, and for organizations where the staff is needing support.  

I have used Hypnosis to help children, what a privilege!!  

Children are naturally open to suggestions, and they LOVE creating new ways of seeing themselves and their experiences.  I have done sessions guiding children in building self esteem, reducing anxiety, developing emotional wisdom and transforming nightmares.


This work is extremely rewarding, and fun…and yes, Mom or Dad are present.  ;)  

I could go on and on and on...but I will leave it here.  If you have ANY questions about whether or not Hyposis can help you, please contact me by email and let's talk.  

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