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Shamanic Healing

What I do

What is Shamanic Healing?

Wow, such a good question.

This is my understanding, not a definition that suits everyone or every perspective, it is simply my understanding. 


Shamanism is a healing art that was presented to me in the 1990's.  To the best of my knowledge this healing modality was created by anthropologists that studied with "Shamans" in Central America, Siberia, South America, North America, Asia....

These anthropologists were amazed with the success of Indigenous Healing techniques worldwide.   Through their combined studies they found techniques & understandings that were practiced by the vast majority of Indigenous Healers.  It was told to me (as part of a group) by one of these anthropologists, Micheal Harner, that he was given permission to share these simple techniques in order to help the "white man" heal.  It was (and I would say, still is) commonly understood by many Indigenous Healers that the "white man" needed healing.  Otherwise, why would they do the destructive things they do to the Earth?   Pretty good point.  

There is currently plenty of debate around these points.  Did Micheal really have permission?  Some say so, some say not. 

I believe him.  I believe it because the basic techniques he taught at that time did not require the sharing of deep tribal cosmology or Ceremonial Protocol.  It is also believable to me because I am aware that many Healers share even deeper skills so that their practices stay alive, and continue on.  

Is it appropriate to call myself a "shaman"?  In my view?  No, it isn't.  It is a word from a language that I do not speak, I have not been trained by that Tribe's Sacred Tradition, therefore, I am not a Shaman.   I also feel that it is not my place to judge my contemporaries on this issue, so I will not.  


My thoughts?  "Shamanic healing" techniques were given & taught to, anthropologists/healers.  And an Art was birthed.  A very specific method of Healing was brought to the "dominant" culture.  Traditional Healers did, and still do, share their Knowledge willingly with Healers from other cultures.  They do so because they believe our Planet, all People, all Nations, need it.  I agree, we do need healing, I believe She (Earth) needs it as well. 

Many Shamanic Healers work side by side, or under the guidance of Indigenous Healers.  I believe this is beautiful, and symbolizes very powerful partnerships.   Much needed at this time.  In my experience these practices have brought tremendous healing to hundreds of people.  In my practice alone.  And that is Sacred.  

What are the "shamanic healing" techniques that I practice?

Negative Thoughtform & Curse Unravelling - removal of damaging  thoughts and curse energy

Soul Retrieval and Healing - reclaiming of soul pieces lost through accidents, illnesses or traumatic events

Energy Extraction and Clearing -  removal of energy left in the body after negative experiences (also a Traditional technique)

Spirit Depossession - removal of interfering energies & spirits that may have attached to your field

Ancestral Healing - the identification & healing of the original Ancestral wound connected to current issue

These are brief descriptions, 

I was trained well in all of these techniques, sometimes by different Teachers, and definitely into advanced levels.  My formal training has spanned over 18 years.  

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