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Personalized Healing Sessions

 One on One Healing Work is the 
foundation of my calling 

Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes 

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Ancestral Healing, Mind-Body Wellness, Traditional Healing Practices, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Emotional Healing Techniques, Indigenous Wisdom, Nature-Based Healing, Consciousness Expansion, Healing Ceremonies, Spiritual, Awakening Guidance, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy, Integrative Healing Approaches, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Holistic Therapy Solutions, Subconscious, Mind Healing and Trauma Release Techniques.

Below is a description of the skill sets that I bring to every session however you can also choose to focus on a specific modality.

Somatic Experiencing

We know that our body holds memory & emotion.  Our Ancestors knew this, and communities had cultural & daily activities would help us process, so we weren't holding onto these experiences.  We were encouraged to move with and through experiences.  Many of those practices have disappeared or only happen occasionally.  

So, now...we have Somatic therapies to compliment those practices.  In these hour long sessions we explore how your body is holding onto trauma, maybe where it is holding, and how that feels.  We explore how your body might want to express the experiences that you've had...and in some sessions we explore the sensations of joy, peace, happiness... so that your body can begin to experience these as well.  These sessions assist us in slowing down, learning our body language.  We learn about our nervous system, why we react the way we do in situations, and how we can change.  Every body IS different, and so precious.  This work is loving, and profound.

<3  I practice it myself, and it has changed my life.

Somatic Experiencing was developed to address the experience.  Car accidents, work accident or injury, animal attacks or bites, medical procedures or surgeries, witnessing violence, experiencing violence, neglect, profound loneliness, mental & emotional abuse... our body holds trauma, our body can also HEAL trauma.  This practice was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, and aligns with many cultural practices from around the world.  I graduated from the 3 year program in Dec. 2023. 

Integrative & Clinical Hypnosis

We also know that our thoughts & unconscious have a profound effect on our health & well being.  Hypnosis is the use of trance to access the unconscious mind.  Once we do this, we are able to resolve inner conflicting ideas, access inner wisdom for guidance, release damaging beliefs & create new ones, shift the way that our body functions... through this work you are able to feel stronger, lighter, more confident, peaceful, relaxed, focused, determined, energized, balanced & grounded.  There are so many benefits to both clinical deep trance hypnosis, and waking integrative hypnosis.  Both can be combined, and applied in all aspects of our lives.  

Each session is an hour long, and I will teach you easy self hypnosis techniques that you can use daily, or in panic attacks. Integrative hypnosis is a healthy, non-pharma approach to assist with the challenges of anxiety, insomnia, depression and addictive patterns.  Hypnosis is actually used for the management of symptoms in many diseases.  There is research about the efficacy of hypnosis in treatment, all over the internet, showing how widely used this modality is.  The UK offers health coverage, and some of our health insurers do as well.  Especially with your doctors recommendation.

I trained in Clinical Hypnosis in 2010, and have studied Integrative Hypnosis & other specialized approaches in Hypnotherpay over the last 13 years.  

Another modality that I practice, and that has changed my life.  <3 

We are amazing energetic and electrical beings.  Remember the experiment of holding hands and lighting up a bulb??  We conduct energy.  We also waste it, feel depleted of it, and have a difficult time accessing our natural ability to conduct energy.  Healing Touch (developed by an R.N.), Quantum Touch, Reiki, Traditional Indigenous Healing.  These are techniques in energy healing that I have trained in since 1999.  I was blessed to have Clinicians teach me, Elders teach me, and Spiritual Teachers teach me.  In these sessions?  I will teach you how to clear, charge, and ground your energy.  Okay, maybe not all in one session, but fairly quickly.  And, as we work together you will experience the sensations of lightness, rejuvenation, restoration, clarity, and grounding.  This modality supports ALL other kinds of healing. 


Especially after medical treatments or surgery, accidents, major life events.  Our energy, and the ways we use it matter.  Learning how to carry ourselves well, nourish ourselves, and hold onto our life affirming energy is essential to supporting our Good Health.  <3 

Wise Counsel  (aka Readings)

This is a purely intuitive practice.  :)  In this session I access my Intuitive nature & Mediumship abilities.  I use my senses & spiritual connection to gather information and I pass that information along to you.  I may also use Tarot Cards, Runes, or Animal & Sacred Path Cards.  These helpers are not always necessary, but they do help me reach deeper into the psychic space between & around us.  In this space lies information, new insights, or validation.  

Guidance is always present.  The Readings I provide are accurate, I have several clients who come once or twice a year, every year.  I do hear, sense, and see Loved Ones that have crossed over.  I open up these sessions to Great Spirit, asking for the Highest and Best Medicine for you.  

I trust that what comes through is exactly what is needed.  These sessions may be recorded.   ~Blessings~

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