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Women's Healing Circles:

Somatic, Shamanic, and Spiritual Connection 
For Women of All Nations


Tawow! Welcome!
Tansi, this Circle is for Women of All Nations, all are welcome.
I began this monthly Circle over 10 years ago, for women who are interested in finding community with other women. No competition, no judgements, just Being together and learning from each other. Traditionally, in Indigenous & Grassroot communities around the world, women come together to do the work of caring. Foraging for food, preparing food for storage, weaving, sewing, making candles, soap... whatever needing tending. This Circle is that kind of tending. Taking care of ourselves, in community.

This Circle does have a Spiritual foundation. My Ancestry is Nehiyaw & Haudenosaunee, (that is Cree & Iroquois) French & Irish. So, according to my Traditions, this Circle does include Smudging, a little Drumming & Singing, we also Honor other Spiritual Traditions. It definitely is about sharing Wisdom, and learning about changing patterns, those that serve us, and those that don't. 
It is about each of us finding our own Way of Walking in this World. We do speak of traumas, of hardships, we also speak of joy, love and compassion. We are changing, Indigenizing, aware that ALL of us are unlearning patterns that no longer serve the whole.
There is no shaming, no judging, each one of us is exactly where we need to be. Respect. First.

If this Good Medicine calls to you??
Come along.


This Circle is celebrated on six acres in east Maple Ridge, surrounded by Grandmother Cedar, Maple, Grandfather Oak & Fir, a Singing Creek & Magical Meadow... Raven talks, Bear walks...

We gather at 9:30 am. Circle begins @ 10 am and we wrap up at 3 pm.


Each one of us brings a Potluck Dish.Every event has a Feast after, is the Traditional Way. 


Please allow some flexibility, we are guided by Spirit. So sometimes we go over.... and the Feast is REALLY important for Grounding and Restoration of your Energy.


The Honorarium/Offering for this Beauty is $70-$90. (sliding scale)

No one is turned away due to lack of funds!!Please come, give what you can.

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