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Ceremonial Bad Ass

A good friend of mine came up with this title.  LOL.  

Laughter is good Medicine.  And please take this with a chuckle.

I poured in a Women's Healing Lodge for over 15 years.

The Lodge was taken down when I began to experience the symptoms of IBS & IBD.   When it is time, and my body has healed enough, the Lodge will come.  Until then, we wait patiently and lovingly.  <3

I post the dates of Ceremonies on my Facebook pages... 

Monique Karhiio Wilson   Kokums Den

Monthly, I hold a Womens' Circle.  This Circle welcomes all women, of all Nations.  We gather to share.  Share triumphs, grief, gifts, laughter, and we gather to lay down our stresses and worries.  And finally, we gather to Pray.  No denomination necessary, no set beliefs are required.  No commitment to a set way of Prayer will be asked for.  All cultures and spiritual paths are respected here. This way of holding Circle was shown to me by my Cree Elder many years ago.  I give thanks for her Teachings.  Hiy Hiy!

The photo on the right is not a Ceremony that is Traditional to this Land, it is an Altar that was created to honor Our Ancestors on Samhain, aka Halloween.  I have facilitated High Seat Ceremonies at this time of year, and at Beltaine, aka May Day.  These particular Ceremonies are loosely based on Norse & European Traditions.  One of my Beloved Teachers is of Northern European descent, this is where I learned of this Medicine.  


These Ceremonies will also be posted on my Facebook Pages. 

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