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Energy Healing


Please Allow 3-5 business days for a response

We are amazing energetic and electrical beings. Remember the experiment of holding hands and lighting up a bulb?? We conduct energy. We also waste it, feel depleted of it, and have a difficult time accessing our natural ability to conduct energy. Healing Touch (developed by an R.N.), Quantum Touch, Reiki, Traditional Indigenous Healing. These are techniques in energy healing that I have trained in since 1999. I was blessed to have Clinicians teach me, Elders teach me, and Spiritual Teachers teach me. In these sessions? I will teach you how to clear, charge, and ground your energy. Okay, maybe not all in one session, but fairly quickly. And, as we work together you will experience the sensations of lightness, rejuvenation, restoration, clarity, and grounding.


This modality supports ALL other kinds of healing. Especially after medical treatments or surgery, accidents, major life events. Our energy, and the ways we use it matter. Learning how to carry ourselves well, nourish ourselves, and hold onto our life affirming energy is essential to supporting our Good Health. <3

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