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Monique Wilson Womens Healing Circle Image 2

Healing Session 90 Minutes

One-on-one healing work is the foundation of my calling.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 250 Canadian dollars
  • Moniques Healing Space aka Kokums Den 😄

The Details:

This is the session you want to book if you are looking for Shamanic & Indigenous Healing. It is also a weaving of all the modalities I practice, all the skills I have developed over 36 years of practice. This session combines Somatic Experiencing, Integrative Hypnosis, Wise Counsel, Energy Healing, Indigenous Teachings and Shamanic Healing. You will experience threads of each of these modalities. These threads will weave together to address the issue that you have brought to the session, and we will also weave in the new insights that we discover together through exploration. This session is Full. I advise bringing a journal and a pen. *Please Note: If you are seeking Shamanic Healing, this is the session to book. In the initial session we will be shown the Good Work that needs to be done, and do what we can. There may be Guidance to continue the work, and that will be discussed as the session unfolds. Many of my clients come to me for this specific reason. And they book appointments according to need. With some families, I fill the role of “shamanic practitioner” or “spiritual counsellor” for them. Assisting them with any wounds they feel need addressing, but also with Ceremony, Ritual & Spiritual practices. For example: Dreamtime Teachings is a fun session for children. How to deal with Bully’s is another session I have offered. And how to manage Spiritual Gifts, like mediumship, some children do sense spiritual energies around them. Practical Skills can be taught in these sessions. Payment may be sent in advance via e-transfer to or you may bring cash to the session. Hiy Hiy! Thank you~

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