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Somatic Experiencing 

We know that our body holds memory & emotion.  Our Ancestors knew this, and communities had cultural & daily activities would help us process, so we weren't holding onto these experiences.  We were encouraged to move with and through experiences.  Many of those practices have disappeared or only happen occasionally.  

So, now...we have Somatic therapies to compliment those practices.  In these hour long sessions we explore how your body is holding onto trauma, maybe where it is holding, and how that feels.  We explore how your body might want to express the experiences that you've had...and in some sessions we explore the sensations of joy, peace, happiness... so that your body can begin to experience these as well.  These sessions assist us in slowing down, learning our body language.  We learn about our nervous system, why we react the way we do in situations, and how we can change.  Every body IS different, and so precious.  This work is loving, and profound. <3  I practice it myself, and it has changed my life.

Somatic Experiencing was developed to address the experience.  Car accidents, work accident or injury, animal attacks or bites, medical procedures or surgeries, witnessing violence, experiencing violence, neglect, profound loneliness, mental & emotional abuse... our body holds trauma, our body can also HEAL trauma.  This practice was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, and aligns with many cultural practices from around the world.  I graduated from the 3 year program in Dec. 2023. 

90 minute healing session Somatic-Healing-Therapy-Sessions-Monique-Wilson
90 minute healing session Somatic-Healing-Therapy-Sessions-Monique-Wilson


Please Allow 3-5 business days for a response

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