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Shamanic and Traditional Healing


Please Allow 3-5 business days for a response

In the initial session we will be shown the Good Work that needs to be done, and do what we can.  There may be Guidance to continue the work, and that will be discussed as the session unfolds.  Many of my clients come to me for this specific reason.  And they book appointments according to need.  With some families, I fill the role of “shamanic practitioner” or “spiritual counsellor” for them.  Assisting them with any wounds they feel need addressing, but also with Ceremony, Ritual & Spiritual practices.


Example of Spiritual Healing Work that is done with contemporary Shamanic methods, or Indigenous Healing Ways:

Spirit Healing and Lifting-  (lifting of attached Spirits)

Curse Unravelling-  (removal of energy that is Binding in nature, negative beliefs or thought forms)

Clearing of the Spirit Gates-  (removal of energy that is stuck in the field)

Clearing & Healing of the Body-  (removing energetic & spiritual residue left in the body from trauma)

Ancestral Lineage Healing-  (healing of the original wound that created the negative pattern or dis-ease)

Soul Retrieval-  (journeying to gather a Soul piece that has been lost to the client)

Ancestral Lineage Healing, Healing & Clearing of the Body, and Soul Retrieval:

These sessions have a deep effect on the Soul, and can profoundly shift relationships, lifestyle, and your sense of personal strength.  For this reason I spend more time teaching & discussing strategies for Self Care. 


The Investment, the Offering, the Sacrifice that you make matches the depth of the work that is being done on your behalf.  By myself, and by the Spirit Helpers who assist. 


You will experience threads of every modality I practice in this session.  These threads will weave together to address the issue that you have brought to the session, and we will also weave in the new insights that we discover together through exploration.

This session is a lot.  I advise bringing a journal and a pen.

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