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Integrative & Clinical Hypnosis


Please Allow 3-5 business days for a response

We also know that our thoughts & unconscious have a profound effect on our health & well being. Hypnosis is the use of trance to access the unconscious mind. Once we do this, we are able to resolve inner conflicting ideas, access inner wisdom for guidance, release damaging beliefs & create new ones, shift the way that our body functions... through this work you are able to feel stronger, lighter, more confident, peaceful, relaxed, focused, determined, energized, balanced & grounded. There are so many benefits to both clinical deep trance hypnosis, and waking integrative hypnosis. Both can be combined, and applied in all aspects of our lives. ​


Each session is an hour long, and I will teach you easy self hypnosis techniques that you can use daily, or in panic attacks. ​


Integrative hypnosis is a healthy, non-pharma approach to assist with the challenges of anxiety, insomnia, depression and addictive patterns. Hypnosis is actually used for the management of symptoms in many diseases. There is research about the efficacy of hypnosis in treatment, all over the internet, showing how widely used this modality is. The UK offers health coverage, and some of our health insurers do as well. Especially with your doctors recommendation. ​ I trained in Clinical Hypnosis in 2010, and have studied Integrative Hypnosis & other specialized approaches in Hypnotherpay over the last 13 years. Another modality that I practice, and that has changed my life. <3 

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