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The Annual Solstice Give Away Circle

Gathering at Solstice for a Celebration of All that is precious to us!!

  • $70-$90 honorarium
  • Maple Ridge (exact location will be communicated prior to event)

The Details:

Women, in community, Giving and Sharing. December 29th, 2024. We gather at 9:30 am, we begin at 10:00 am. We continue until 3:00 pm. Bring with you one Gift, a precious one, an item that has brought you great joy!! A gift, a Sacred item, a valuable item, something that you and LOATHE to give away. Seriously... one you really don't want to part with, it is THAT precious. Maybe it was made for you, or made by you. Maybe it was inherited, or gifted to you...maybe you saw it in a window, and it took a lot from your budget, you sacrificed to purchase this for this Circle, for someone you may not know! A gift of value that is NOT the rock gifted by your Grandson... as that may not be so profound to another.... no offense intended! (lol) And in turn, the perfect Medicine Gift will be given to you. It will be exactly what you need, at this time, and it now has room to come to you. As always, there is a Medicine Story with each Gift, a reason why it was so coveted, loved, and cherished. And each of us will share that Story with the woman who has received our Gift. This is the true magic of this Circle, the Medicine we are offering will go to the perfect place. This Circle was inspired by West Coast Traditions. Potlatches were Sacred Ceremonies that were hosted by a Family, during the Potlatch the host Family would Give Away… Everything. Like… Every. Thing. They. Had. Can you even imagine this?? They gave it away to everyone in the community, openly Gifting it ALL. The trust, the generosity… unheard of now. We are not practicing this Tradition. But I was inspired by it. And by a Teacher that held a similar Circle in his home. A Give Away Circle. So… here we are. Trusting that through Generosity we will find good Medicine. And when we gather I will share more of the Good Medicine of the Potlatch. You are required to bring this very special Gift, a dish to share at our Feast, and an Honorarium for this beautiful Medicine. The sliding scale Honorarium is $70-$90. The Circle is never closed to those who have less to offer. If you are called to participate, come, and give what you can. (You must still bring that precious Gift though.) If you are blessed to have more, please give more, this lifts the Circle up for those who have less. Hiy! Hiy! This is an opportunity to Walk the Talk. Wrap your Gift in solid, neutral wrapping please. .


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