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Navigating Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season: Shamanic and Indigenous Healing

Hello everyone, Monique Wilson here. During eclipse season, we are gifted with profound opportunities for self-reflection and transformation. These celestial events influence our lives just as dramatically as the changing tides, guiding us through personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Shamanic Healing and Eclipse Energies Shamanic practices have long revered celestial events as powerful moments for healing and growth. As a practitioner of Shamanic Healing, I harness these energies to help clients navigate their spiritual paths, allowing them to connect deeper with their inner wisdom and the natural world.

Indigenous Healing: Learning from the Stars Indigenous cultures around the world have utilized the stars for navigation and as a source of wisdom. From the Hawaiians who traversed oceans guided by starlight to the ancient civilizations that aligned their structures with the heavens, Indigenous Healing practices remind us of our interconnectedness with the cosmos.

Somatic Experiencing During Eclipse Season Eclipse season often stirs deep emotions and forgotten experiences, making it a crucial time for practices like Somatic Experiencing. This therapy allows individuals to explore how their bodies hold and process both trauma and joy, facilitating a profound reconnection with their physical and emotional selves during these potent cosmic events.

Hypnotherapy: Rewriting Our Cosmic Narratives During Mercury retrograde, a period synonymous with reflection and reevaluation, Hypnotherapy becomes a vital tool. It allows us to delve into our subconscious, addressing past communications and revising old narratives. This practice offers a pathway to clear away past misunderstandings and realign our intentions with our current desires and understandings.

Mediumship Readings: Connecting with Cosmic Wisdom Mediumship Readings can provide comfort and guidance, especially during the intense periods of endings and beginnings brought on by eclipses. These sessions offer insights and messages from beyond, giving context to our experiences and helping us to see the broader spiritual picture.

Eclipse season challenges us to let go of the old and embrace the new. In my practice, I integrate Shamanic Healing, Indigenous Healing techniques, Somatic Experiencing, Hypnotherapy, and Mediumship Readings to provide a holistic approach to navigating these changes. These modalities support not only emotional resilience but also spiritual growth, allowing us to utilize the cosmic energies for our personal and collective healing.

If you’re feeling the impact of this eclipse season or if Mercury retrograde is bringing up challenges, consider it an invitation to explore deeper healing. Join me for a session or participate in one of my healing circles to harness these energies for your renewal and transformation.

For more insights or to book a session, visit my website at, or contact me directly at Let's embrace the healing power of this eclipse season together.

Remember, each celestial event brings its own unique medicine—let's learn to harness it for our growth and well-being. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



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