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 Learn About Who I Am 
And The Offerings I Provide

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I personally want to thank you ...

"Monique Karhiio Wilson I personally want to thank you for giving me guidance and advice when my life was in a million pieces. This year was a year of growth for me and I can't believe how quickly I grew with the forethought you gave me. Blessings to you and your family! Thank you for everything! The little one is not 6 years old anymore; she’s much older with her growth!" - Client 
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You already have what you need.

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Healing Session


Discover The Monthly
Women's Circle

Every month I facilitate a Women’s Circle, it is filled with Healing Energy and Techniques, Traditional Teachings on Prayer and Ceremony, and Somatic Healing Strategies too… it is a FULL Circle for sure.  Honorarium is $70-$90 sliding scale. This Circle is celebrated on six acres in east Maple Ridge, surrounded by Grandmother Cedar, Maple, Grandfather Oak & Fir, a Singing Creek & Magical Meadow... Raven talks, Bear walks...

Sign Up For The Annual Drum Birthing Journey

During Truth and Reconciliation Weekend, we hold a special drum birthing workshop to honour and celebrate Indigenous culture and traditions.



"Making drums is a hands on experience.
It's a somatic experience.
It's a felt experience."


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Why do people come? 

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Everyone has their own reason. 

Do You Feel Called?

A message from one of my clients

"I've seen people that won't let you go or won't discharge you because they just want the business. Right from the get go there was no feeling about that. Mo gave me a lot of information to go forward with as opposed to just kind of giving me these little pieces where I would have to keep coming back. When I came back, it's because I wanted to come back because I was feeling like I had a good meal." 
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